We will provide 3D geospacial map of some road construction site in full-color

Easy to show a demo 3D diorama-model for local residents and your clients.

  • Want to confirm the spacial appearance of cutting and banking before the construction.
  • Need to review the geographical characteristic by scale model on road work site.
  • Looking for some manufacturer to create a 3D model of viaduct or cutting, banking earth area.
  • Want to explain for the residents to understand how secure the road work site is.
  • Thinking to demonstrate the construction site with simple and realistic model for our clients.

road work site, cutting work geospacial 3D model printing
3D printing for the road construction site before and after.

Just have a look in,
those embanking and cutting parts are removable. ↓↓

road work site, cutting work geospacial 3D model printing
Easy to understand the place where and how large the cutting earth is.

Jumbo's full color 3D printing service can provide you a nice material as you wish in low price and in short time.


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Not only 3D modeling / 3D Geography products...

Jumbo can provide additional and relational services all in-house.

  • Preparation for Mailing/Dispatch our relief for a meeting, with sealing, insertion of envelopes.
  • Packing and dispatch with nice, graceful frames, acrylic case.
  • Surface finishing, lustrous finish, brushing and metal spraying.
  • Available for small amount and mass production using vacuum forming technique.

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