We will provide 3D map real-existing sightseeing area, hiking course in full-color

Easy to show a demo 3D diorama-model for climbers, hikers and skiers.

  • Want to make a 3D guid map for scenic area of our national park.
  • Looking for some manufacturer to create a 3D mountain map as a mountain guide.
  • Need a three-dimension display mode, because it's difficult to understand the elevation of mountain using 2D map.
  • Want to let the skiers to know where are the usable ski slopes and danger areas.
  • Want a 3D geogphic model for explaining flight plan on flight sightseeing.
  • Want to make a 3D printing map by using seaside park and sightseeing guide 2D map what we are possessing now.
  • Considering how to explain where are dangerous zones in the mountain for climbers.
  • Thinking to demonstrate our multiple-leisure facilities for visitors.

Daisen-Oki Naitonal Park's 2D Map
Daisen-Oki Naitonal Park's 2D Map(Ref:Japan gov,MOE)

↓↓ (3D Printing ) ↓↓

3D Print of Daisen-Oki Naitonal Park 3D Print of Daisen-Oki Naitonal Park
Daisen-Oki Naitonal Park's 3D model [ Made by Jumbo Co.,LTD. ]

Jumbo's full color 3D printing service can provide you a nice material as you wish in low price and in short time.


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Not only 3D modeling / 3D Geography products...

Jumbo can provide additional and relational services all in-house.

  • Preparation for Mailing/Dispatch our relief for a meeting, with sealing, insertion of envelopes.
  • Packing and dispatch with nice, graceful frames, acrylic case.
  • Surface finishing, lustrous finish, brushing and metal spraying.
  • Available for small amount and mass production using vacuum forming technique.

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