Provide 3D map,3D model object for the development before the construction.

For presentation and simulation, it's useful to investigate your planing.

  • I want several 3D site map for the explaination to clients before the construction
  • Dam site 3D Object had been required by local residents.
  • Only monitor displaying 3D CG, but we need a real model of the develping power generation site.
  • I wish to have a diorama object around this hydroelectric power generation plant.
  • Using wind turbine, wind power generation site, make a set of those 3D site.
  • Want to valid using 3D material simulation before construction and after that.
  • Want to calculate the proper angle of inclination for solar panel around this mountain.

3D print of wind poewr generation
3D print of hydroelectric poewr generation
Before construction

Jumbo's full color 3D printing service can provide you a nice material as you wish in low price and in short time.


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Not only 3D modeling / 3D Geography products...

Jumbo can provide additional and relational services all in-house.

  • Preparation for Mailing/Dispatch our relief for a meeting, with sealing, insertion of envelopes.
  • Packing and dispatch with nice, graceful frames, acrylic case.
  • Surface finishing, lustrous finish, brushing and metal spraying.
  • Available for small amount and mass production using vacuum forming technique.

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