Just anywhere on global map, any mountain's ridge, surface, coastal region, produce 3-dimension printed original Object by translating from DEM data to 3D geographic map.

We, "JUMBO", 3D-print manufacturing company in japan, will serve you a good quality within adequate time span and with reasonable price.

  • Need full-color 3D printed material around Amazon River to study of its Deforestation.
  • Compare the difference of some fjord terrain between ice age and the presence by 3D printing.
  • Compare the periodical effect of desertification around Aral Sea, the past and the presence.
  • want to make 3D printing by DEM taken by drone's aerophotograpy.
  • want to make 3D model a huge area of some continental land surface and its continual bathymetry.
  • want to print 3D model taken by satellite photography of huge area for our geological survey.
  • want to make 3D model by aerophotography with degital elevation of construction site.
  • want to make 3D print with our original gradation map by elevation around some mountain range.

[ Satellite photography of Southeast Asia ]
Upper :GeoTIFF image sample
Bottom:Elevation gradation and shadow image sample

Using JAXA's ALOS degital model data and NASA/METI's ASTER GDEM remote sensing satellite photography, and NASA's LANDSAT, taken by GeoTIFF or BIL data, we JUMBO will produce 3D model of its terrain surface and its 3D MAP in full color.
We can make any global land surface, sea surface by satellite photography and also seabed surfaced by NOAA DEM data, so we produce seamless land surface and seabed surface 3D model and of its printed 3D MAP.
If you order to use our full color 3D MAP, you will be able to print any color map/surface in your favore. Using satellite photography, color map by elevation, seadepth gradation, MODIS Biogeochemistry, etc.

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Not only 3D modeling / 3D Geography products..

Jumbo can provide additional and relational services all in-house.

  • Preparation for Mailing/Dispatch our relief for a meeting, with sealing, insertion of envelopes.
  • Packing and dispatch with nice, graceful frames, acrylic case.
  • Surface finishing, lustrous finish, brushing and metal spraying.
  • Available for small amount and mass production using vacuum forming technique.

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