Representative Service
If you really want to make inroads into the
Japanese market, be sure to use Jumbo's
representative service.
The service will assure that you
achieve a strong foothold in a relatively
short time. With the representative service,
Jumbo will help you achieve 100% success
in your business plans since we handle
all aspects of marketing and agency services
in Japan, such as the transmission
and gathering of information, and also the stocking
and distribution of samples.
  • Stocking samples and pamphlets, and swiftly mailing them to applicants
  • Arranging appointments to visit company A
  • Listing car-washer manufacturers and gathering pamphlets printed by them
  • Gathering entry lists and catalogues from robot shows
  • Gathering product catalogues from company C
  • Mailing materials, pamphlets etc. for public relations and advertising
  • Providing a reception agency to contact concerning mail-order service or research in Japan
  • Collection of payments for mail-order service in Japan
  • Marketing strategy in Japan
  • Reception works for marketing, advertising and public relations
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