Mailing Service
When you're conducting a direct mail campaign,
you need to be able to use your time as
effectively as possible. Instead of spending
your time stuffing envelopes, applying labels,
and sending deliveries to the post office,
use your time more productively by leaving
the mailing to us.
We'll handle every part of the procedure,
quickly and cost effectively.
So when you're going to market in Japan,
use our all-in-one mail service.
You can count on us to give you the time
you need to succeed.
  • Insertion of pamphlets, catalogues, etc. into envelopes
  • Sealing of envelopes
  • Application of labels - either Cheshire or Self-adhesive
  • Application of postage
  • Delivery to post office
  • Rate of 30,000 pieces a day
We handle all of these and more:
  • Distribution of mail and direct mail
  • Facsimile transfers
  • Posting
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Stocking pamphlets and brochures
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