Marketing Research Service
You're thinking of marketing your company's
product or service in Japan, but you don't
know if there's a need for it, or if there's
any potential demand. Or, you know you have
a saleable product, but you need a distribution
system to deliver it. We can help with our
market research services. We have years of
experience in marketing in Japan, and also
have a sound grasp of the structure of Japan's
economy. Use our services and become another
success story in the Japanese market.
  • Mail survey
  • Providing lists, printing,deliver and collecting survey forms,inputting and tabulating survey data,gift sending and other business related to survey

  • SNS survey
  • Owns 4.3 million monitors (teens to 70s) in Japan.
    We conduct market research, consumer research,product research, comparative research,brand image research,behavioral research, etc.

  • FAX survey
  • FAX list, survey form creation, FAX distribution, FAX and mail collection, data aggregation, etc.

  • innternet survey
  • internet survey system design, system operation, tabulation and analysis of survey data.

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