Marketing Research Service
You're thinking of marketing your company's
product or service in Japan, but you don't
know if there's a need for it, or if there's
any potential demand. Or, you know you have
a saleable product, but you need a distribution
system to deliver it. We can help with our
market research services. We have years of
experience in marketing in Japan, and also
have a sound grasp of the structure of Japan's
economy, including wholesale and resale distribution
patterns. Use our services and become another
success story in the Japanese market.
  • Questionnaire Evaluation Service
  • Market Research
  • Questionnaire entries
  • Sampling of data
  • Research activities conducted by directly traveling to locations,
    and also by using fax and telephone
  • Street interviews and group interviews
  • Collection, data entry and summing-up of questionnaire responses
  • Directly providing, or mailing small gifts to questionnaire respondents
  • Detailed credit information on specific businesses
  • Selective marketing information in Japan
  • Clipping service for specific subjects and media in Japan
  • Research concerning sales, the workforce, and profit ratios of the ten largest electric appliance manufacturers in Japan
  • Market research on trends concerning consumption and purchase of meat
  • Research on the financial conditions of the top five foreign-liqueur manufacturers
  • Looking up the addresses, business lines etc. of company B's foreign subsidiaries
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