List Rental Service
From our database of 12,500,000 corporate and private addresses we output labels or Lists that will reach your targeted prospects.

You can order either self-adhesive or Cheshire or List. The quality of our labels are guaranteed, and any undeliverable mail will be refunded or replaced with good labels.

And we still have to provide service, merge or purge of data.Information from our database of 12,500,000 counts is first analyzed and broken down to match your specific marketing strategy's prospective targets.

Then the information is printed in the format most suitable to your strategy, either labels or lists. We provide you the information you need for success in the form that you need it.
We typically handle all of these and more in Japan:
  • Customer development in the Japanese market
  • Introduction of new products
  • Mail order business
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Advertising for events, shows and exhibitions
  • Sampling of data from questionnaires and market research
  • Gathering of data related to business establishments with number of employees or more
  • Etc...
Jumbo's data is different from others
  • If there are any errors in the data we provide, we will refund a portion of the payment according to the number of errors. (Please note that this does not include postage)
  • With constant data maintenance, such as the addition and deletion of data, we guarantee the quality of our information.

Some search results from Jumbo's Business Database (12,500,000 counts)
1. High income company 80,000 9. Electronics engineers (electricity/electronics) 22,000
2. Comapies with Employees over 100 35,000 10. System Integrator /
Network Integrator
3. Small and Medium Company, Employees below 100 52,000 11. Production control/ management/ engineering, quality control, testing 17,000
4. Information/software businesses, advertising agencies 16,000 12. Bio, chemical, pharmaceutical and food technologists 5,400
5. Doctors 145,000 13. Storekeepers in Japan 383,000
6. Hotels, inns 13,000 14. Owners of liquor shop 43,000
7. Managers/section chiefs of IT dept. 17,000 15. Construction 248,000
8. Managers/section chiefs of sales/sales promotion sectors 73,000 16. R&D, Design, Technology section, Staff 159,000
These data are just the tip of the data base.
Any other item you want will be gladly retrieved upon request.
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